There are no second chances for first impressions. It works for homes just as it does for people. The entrance area accounts for more than that. The oak bench designed by Skagerak offers a pleasant seating area to take off or put on your shoes. The boxes on the wall serve as compartments for keys, sunglasses, lost Lego pieces and other knick-knacks found around the house.



Discover instead of invent. The black leather chair featured on the Magnetite floor from 1958 is a highly regarded piece, found on the Internet. It appears as a sculpture that one would both want to admire and own.



The large table shaped out of pristine oak and the complementing bench are both designed by .PEAM, and configure the central socializing area of the house. Both pieces originate from a South Tyrolean carpenter. The chairs, collected over many years are derived from the creativity of Charles Eames.



.PEAM, Eames and IKEA . The gallery serves as an office, a reading corner, and a place to doze off, wait or to enjoy a warm tee. An absolute getaway within the house. The black powder-coated shelf made of Steel is designed by .PEAM, the lounge chair from Eames and the Daybed is IKEA’s, designed by Ilse Crawford.


Lights should light up our lives, not our home. Recycled VW-Beetle headlights are designed by PSLAB ensure consistently bright working conditions in the kitchen. Walking in, the lights compliment the features you want to bring to life in your home. In order to obtain desirable working light, the lights have been reduced.


Frequently used glasses and cups are located in the shelf above the sink, grab and drink. It doesn’t get faster than that. The black, powder-coated shelf designed by .PEAM was made with thin sides and rounded corners. These were furnished by a South Tyrolean fitter. It combines effective use with the elegance of a sculpture.



When do you sit in an armchair? When the leather of a weathered chair has become spotted makes your skin feel inimitably. When being cozy is cool.



In order for the .PEAM designed shelves to hang safely whilst supporting weight, the construction has been created and reenforced behind the wooden wall.


trennwand lamellen

Wooden blinds do much more than create space. The natural light flow from the window in the roof creates more drama in the office. The adjustable blinds designed from oiled larchwood are fastened on the floor and ceiling through black steel seams.



Niche previously, Closet now: Behind the warm, stupendous wood doors, in between the window, shelves are present for undergarments. The mirror: designed by Skagerak.



The walk-in closet appears as a store would. Clean and lofty. Daily dressing can be pulled right off the bar. Made by .PEAM.



Lavender or Rose? Thoroughly thought out accessories, colors and materials can be found around the house, creating a new and fresh atmosphere. We advise our customers from the selection of a sink all the way to the perfect soap smell, if you’d like.



A bathroom is no refrigerator. The self-designed cement tiles feel comfortable to the bottom of your feet, whilst having a wood-like color accent. The smoothly sanded tree stump, fresh from the yard functions nicely as a piece of utility furniture. The bathtub is identical to the vanity, which has been placed within a steel frame. An idea, which has been developed together with the architect of the house, Joachim Jürke.





Even Kids feel better with furniture that match their needs. The large pieces of furniture from .PEAM offer plenty of space for LEGOs and etc. The combination of classical furniture such as the string shelf and the Egon Eiermann desk is truly timeless. This room grows with your child.



Dear Easter bunny, if you ever are looking for a place to stay, you are always welcome in this classic designed by Egon Eiermann. By the way, its in the kids room.